DTE Home Protection Home Warranty Company Review

DTE Home Protection has established itself in the home warranty as one of the most untraditional companies on the market. DTE Home Protection will not charge any customers service fees or other hefty fees that warranty companies traditionally charge. On top of this, DTE Home Protection has dozens of different warranty options, ensuring that your needs are fully met.

Understanding Their Products

DTE Home Protection is known for their plethora of home warranty options. We highly advise all consumers to take the time when researching specific plans and options. As you will notice below, each home warranty plan is dedicated to specific locations and appliances. The most comprehensive plan that offers the best coverage options is the Platinum Plan. Naturally, this plan is the most expensive and can cost, at minimum, $37.95 per month. More details are listed below on other plans.

Here is a list of the services offered by DTE Home Protection.

  • The Core Plan – $14.95
  • The Kitchen Plan $19.95
  • The Laundry Plan $19.95
  • The Convenience Plan – $19.95
  • The Ultimate Plan – $29.95
  • The Platinum Plan – $37.95

Instead of charging service fees for repairs and replacements, DTE Home Protection adds a nominal fee to each DTE energy bill. Moreover, DTE Home Protection also offers a wide variety of add-on coverage options for even more comprehensive coverage. Much of these add-on packages include more expensive appliances or systems.

Contractual Restrictions with DTE Home Protection

When it comes to DTE Home Protection, or any home warranty company for that matter, you should always investigate and read the entire contract thoroughly. With that being said, we discovered a few notable contractual restrictions that are otherwise not noted. First and foremost, always take note of your Effective Date. DTE Home Protection will not offer their services until 15 days after that specified date. In light of that, this company can terminate the plan at any time, without any reasoning; however, if you are unhappy or wish to cancel, you must pay the remaining months. The only other major restriction that is worth noting is that DTE Home Protection is only valid for those who reside within an area of DTE Energy’s service.