America’s 1st Choice Home Club Home Warranty Company Review

America 1st Choice Home Club is a home warranty company determined to redefine the industry by restoring privacy and empowering their consumers. The company was established by multiple service-oriented leaders who understand the problem with the home warranty industry. Today, AFC could be considered a prominent home warranty company.

Understanding Their Products

When it comes to home warranties, America’s 1st Choice Home Club offers four different home plans, ranging in price and coverage.

  • Club Plan Platinum

The Club Plan Platinum offers the highest degree of coverage and protection for homeowners. This plan covers almost every single prominent appliance in your home, including dryer, washer, refrigerator, microwaves, electrical systems, and even the ductwork.

  • Club Plan Gold

The Club Plan Gold is one step down from the Platinum home warranty plan, offering great coverage and options. This plan does not include plumbing stoppages or microwaves.

  • Club Plan Silver

The Club Plan Silver is the basic home warranty package for homeowners. This plan will include the most primitive appliances, excluding systems in your home.

  • Systems

America’s 1st Choice Home Club also offers a plan specifically for systems in your home. This includes, but not limited to, air conditioning, heating, and electrical systems.

If you are interested in purchasing more protection or additional coverage on appliances, AFC has many add-on options you may choose from. All of this information, and more, can be found on their website.

Other Resourceful Tools from AFC

Aside from home warranties for homeowners, America’s 1st Choice Home Club has a wealth of other information and benefits for consumers, real estate agents, and builders. More specifically, for real estate agents, AFC has 1 and 3 year coverage programs that are not age restricted or require home inspections. The company touts its impressive list of qualified contractors, all of which are available to help you.

On top of this, AFC also has an impressive informative website full of valuable information for homeowners, real estate agents, and builders. If you are interested in learning about their services, home maintenance, and all things home warranty, check out their blog or join their website to receive personalized quotes.