American Home Guardian Home Warranty Company Review

In Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, American Home Guardian is, without question, one of the most widely recognizable home warranty companies in the area. Today, AHG considers themselves, and touts, their reputation and innovative approach, redefining home warranty in this part of the country. With reasonable premiums and deductibles, AHG has earned the stature of nearly 5-stars, proving its value.

Understanding Their Products

If you are interested in American Home Guardian, it’s important to understand the difference between the products and services that they offer. AHG offers two different home warranty services, Guardian and Premium. The Guardian service is known as the flagship service of the company with nearly full-wide coverage on appliances and systems. In fact, the Guardian Plan will protect doorbell systems, jetted tubs, freezers, and even tankless water heaters, all of which are excluded in the Premium Plan.

As of recently, the Guardian Plan is valued at around $550 whereas the Premium Plan is reaching nearly $400. While this is a tad costlier than other companies, the protection and coverage is unbeatable. We highly advise anyone interested in American Home Guardian services to visit their website and study what plan best matches their desires.

Other Valuable Resources from AHG

Aside from the specific home warranty, American Home Guardian provides their customers with other valuable resources. For example, AHG gives all customers a standard 60-day warranty 100% ratification guarantee on all their repairs. This ensures to each homeowner that their repairs are taken seriously and with caution. If this is not enough, AHG also boasts their 4-business hour turnaround time, ushering a whole new degree of speedy repairs and recovery.

Another notable resource that is worth mentioning is that AHG casts aside the 30-day waiting period that many other companies seem to use. This is a common downfall or complaint of many consumers on notable nationwide companies. Lastly, we urge all interested consumers to visit their website. American Home Guardian has created a unique website with a wealth of valuable information.